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wedding spotlight: Michelle and Carl's Sonoma Do-It-Together Wedding

​Michelle and Carl were such a pleasure to work with. Thier easy and loving approach to their wedding was infused into so many beautiful details throughout their celebration. Their ceremony was set underneath one of those beautiful massive only-in-California trees and they wanted that to be reflected in their custom ketubah commision.

In fact, what we ended up with was a beautiful hybrid; one part Ketubah and one part Quaker Marriage Certificate. There under their chuppah, dawrfed by their big beautiful tree, the Qua-tubah was born. The couple blended elemenets from both of thier family traditions and faiths to create a ceremony that spoke to their love and the respect that they had for eachother and thier loved ones.

It was an exceptionally beautiful ceremony that I was so honored to contribute to. For a full image of thier Qua-tuba, just click here.

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