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What kind of timetable should I expect when I order my Ketubah from you?

​For any order, custom hand painted or Giclee printed, I always recommend placing your oder order for a painting at least 8 weeks before your wedding date and at least 5 weeks for a printed ketubah. The earlier the better so that I have plenty of time to get your customized text in order and ship your ketubah.


Custom orders, depending on the amount of work involved, might take longer than eight weeks but once you send me your Custom Commission form I will give you a more personalized timeline so you know when to expect your ketubah.

I am happy to help out however I can in terms of making sure that you can get the ketubah that you want when you want it - if you are dealing with time restraints and want to see if I can rush a ketubah to you just email me and we can try to work something out!

My wedding is less than 5 weeks away, can you accommodate rush orders?

If you need a ketubah and your wedding is less than five weeks away, send me an email to see if I can accommodate your order. I am happy to help you get a ketubah within a limited time frame. There is a Rush order fee (starting at $75) depending on the time and complexity of your ketubah order.

What is the difference between your Giclee Printed ketubahs and your Watercolor ketubahs?

​All of my ketubahs are made using original designs that I have painted using artist grade watercolors. My Giclee printed ketubahs are editioned Giclee prints of my watercolor paintings,  reproduced on high quality matte finished aid-free paper using archival artist grade inks that withstand fading and aging. My watercolor ketubahs are original paintings, hand painted on watercolor rag with highly pigmented paints - these are all original works of art since watercolor paints will never dry the same way twice.

In short, if you want your your ketubah to be hand painted and a one of a kind work of art, you should look into my Watercolor and Custom Commissioned Ketubahs. If you are less interested in how the ketubah is made, and more interested in a ketubah with a beautiful design that looks like watercolor, then my Giclee prints might be what you are looking for.

Do you offer ketubot for same sex marriages?

Absolutely. I do not have one singular text for same sex marriages because all of my texts can be customized for same sex weddings. Much of the language on my orderform is gender neutral so that all couples can self-identify their gender roles in their ketubah however they see fit. My ketubah practice is centered around inclusion and comfort - my goal is to have all couples who work with me find a ketubah that fits their unique relationshipd and needs.

What is the policy for custom text within the ketubah, can I provide my own text?

While I provide a variety of ketubah texts, I often work with texts that couples write together or provide from outside sources. If the text is very large or requires additional composition formatting I will charge a $90 custom text fee.
If you would like to see if your text will require an additional fee, please feel free to email it to me so that I can take a look. 


All custom texts must be provided to me in digital editable word files. If your ketubah requires translation, I can send it to my translator for an additional fee. Any custom text that I work with must be free of copyrights or must come with proof of permission from their original author to use on your ketubah.

Do you offer any special texts for a couple looking for an interfaith ketubah?

Yes, I have a ketubah text specifically written with interfaith couples in mind. Additionally, I work with a Secular Humanistic ketubah text from the Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews that has been especially popular with many mixed-faith couples.

I am looking for a Jewish wedding gift, would a ketubah be a good option for me?

Ketubot make beautiful gifts for jewish and interfaith weddings. For a couple, selecting a ketubah can be a very important element of jewish wedding ritual as it is usually the first peice of artwork that the couple commisions together for their future home. That being said, many couples prefer to have some input into the style of ketubah that they would like. I provide ketubah gift certificates that can be purchased as wedding gifts and given to the couple before their wedding so that they can select the ketubah of their choice from my selection of painted ketubot.

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If you cant find the answer to your question here, please feel free to get in touch with me through my contact page or by email...thepaintedketubah[@]

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