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Drawing inspiration from nature and contemporary design, artist Hadass Gerson reimagines ketubahs as dreamy watercolor paintings. At The Painted Ketubah studio she works with you to create modern ritual objects that compliment and elevate your wedding style while becoming treasured family heirlooms.


The Painted Ketubah offers a beautiful selection of hand-painted watercolors and archival giclee fine art prints created with highest grade artist quality inks and paints that are lightfast and fade resistant. Hadass also creates completely custom ketubot that weave together imagery, colors and symbolism unique to a couple’s love story.


A classically trained painter with an MFA and MA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Hadass’s distinctive watercolor style and attention to color harmony ensure that your ketubah will be a stunning touchstone of your wedding ceremony and art collection.

Her work has been exhibited at the Diego Rivera Gallery, TreeHouse Gallery, SOMArts Center, Market Street Gallery and the Dimmock Gallery. I am also the recipient of a Lehman Trust Soaring Gardens Artist Residency and a Birthright NEXT / NATAN Social Entrepreneurial Grant as well as the founder of The TreeHouse Gallery in San Francisco CA, an art gallery devoted to cross cultural communications through the arts and connecting new art collectors with early market emerging artists.

For her full professional RESUME and extended painting portfolio, visit her WEBSITE

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