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A ketubah is often the first piece of artwork that a couple commissions as they begin the process of officially merging their lives and belongings together. I work with couples to create original ketubot that are representative of their personal styles, interests, aesthetics and love - I work with you to develop a piece of original art that you will be excited to hang in your home.

Below are just a few examples of the ways I can work with you to create a Ketubah that you will be proud to display, as both a symbol of your commitment to one another and an original painting that compliments your style. If you would like, I can paint and draw portraits of you and your beloved to accompany your chosen ketubah text. I also can draw and paint images of your homes, favorite sheet music, beloved pets and shared interests - using colors and design elements that you love. The result is a beautiful archival quality document that is as unique and special as your union.

If you have a vision we can transform it into your ketubah, if you want help finding some artistic inspiration we can work together to develop a meaningful and beautiful design. Pricing for custom Ketubot vary depending on intricacy and production time, generally ranging from $1200 to $4000. Please DOWNLOAD THE "COMMISSION" ORDER FORM, fill it out​ and email it back to ​thepaintedketubah [@] ;  I will get back to you promptly with a pricing quote.​

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